Administrative/Technicians/Plant Technicians

Administrative & Technicians

You’re the backbone of our company – the support that keeps all P&G areas running smoothly each day. And on our administrative team, you’ll find just as many possibilities across our business to grow your skills and expand your opportunities. You’re equal parts business-minded and technical-savvy, with a serious side of competitive drive and strong communication skills. Find your fit with an available administration position in all organizational teams of our company.

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Plant Technicians

Working behind the scenes in our manufacturing plants around the world, Plant Technicians are vital to the success of our business at P&G. You’ll become part of a team that keeps production flowing to billions of consumers – that’s right, billions. As a technician, you’ll make sure that our household brand names maintain the high level of quality that consumers expect, while helping P&G achieve performance goals. Want to gain new skills to help run and maintain the latest production technology and equipment for the world’s biggest brands? We’re looking for team players who know how to take charge of business-related challenges and keep us running smoothly. Join us today.

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