Meet Craig

Name: Craig

University-Undergraduate: University of Dayton

Degree/Major/Minor Business Administration: Accounting

Years with P&G: 1

Current Role: North American Solvents Purchasing Manager

About Me

Coming out of college I knew I wanted to work for a company where I could make an impact and not just be another piece to the corporate America puzzle. With a degree in Accounting and some great internships and co-ops at the University of Dayton, I knew I had the skill set to make a difference but finding a company where that goal could come to fruition for a young employee proved difficult. Enter P&G Purchasing. Immediately after starting, I was challenged with new and exciting opportunities that would not only have significance within the company but would also touch and improve the lives of consumers around the world. At that point for me, everything clicked. Being a part of a team that was buying the building blocks of products that would improve people’s lives was a truly unique experience that I have come to love. It is what drives me to come into the office and give 110% every day and is the reason I have connected with P&G’s core purpose of touching more lives.

Explain your main project as a new hire?

My main project coming in to P&G purchasing was to manage a competitive bid for one of our major solvents. It immediately put me into a mix of managing external supplier relationships and delivering creative internal solutions to multiple business platforms. As I moved in and took over the bid, I quickly realized that the relationships I managed with the supplier were just as important as the material itself. Through constant interaction with R&D, Engineering, QA and our manufacturing facilities, I came to understand the needs of the company and acted as liaison to the supply base ensuring we received the best total value from the bid.

What kind of support, resources, and coaching did you find you received while working on the project?

The support you receive at P&G is best in class. From day one, I was set up with purchasing training and a development plan to ensure that I was prepared to manage my workload and put in the best position to succeed. Not only do you receive formalized training, but I constantly had the support of management and peer coaching that seamlessly allowed me to work through issues and show results. In an organization where teamwork is put first, I really felt as if I had the support to hit the ground running and execute the bid to the fullest extent.

What level of impact do you feel the results of your project had on the business?

The impact of my results could be seen across the business immediately. Through the bid process, I was able to determine which supplier would deliver the most value to which producing location and then implement my recommendation. Not only was the purchasing community aware of the result of the bid, but the multiple business units that used the solvent were also able to see benefit and increase their successes.