Meet Jared

Name: Jared

University-Undergraduate: University of Cincinnati

Degree/Major/Minor: Bachelor of Science, Materials Engineering

Years with P&G: 1 year

Current Role: Purchasing Manager, North America Corrugated, Beauty and Grooming

About Me

After spending five years in technical sales, I was looking for an opportunity that would allow me to broaden my experience and have a significant impact on a business. Procter and Gamble Purchases offered just that opportunity. My role as a Purchasing Manager required that I quickly understand the needs of the businesses that I support and immediately develop strategies and projects to meet those needs such as reduced costs, improved reliability, and innovative materials. This immediate responsibility, combined with the great training and coaching resources that P&G provides, set me on a path for growth and success with the company.

Explain your main project as a new hire.

My role required that I quickly connect with multiple functions in each of the businesses that I support to understand the needs and focuses of their businesses. My first priority was to understand existing contracts and where supply agreements were needed. In the first 6 months, I managed multi million dollar negotiations and inquiries to ensure the competitiveness and stability of our corrugated container supply chain.

Now I am working with my internal customers and external suppliers to develop, prioritize, and execute savings projects that will reduce costs and improve quality and reliability. It is my responsibility to be knowledgeable of the corrugated container industry and provide guidance to P&G businesses regarding ways to reduce costs through commercial changes or technical innovations. Rather than being assigned one specific project, I am given flexibility to pursue projects that I can show will best meet our business needs.

What kind of support, resources, and coaching did you find you received while working on the project?

Procter and Gamble provides great initial and continuous development training, but the coaching and support that I have received is what creates a great work environment. Management is very empowering and supportive and there is an obvious culture of employees across functions, levels and regions being willing to take time to coach and advise their coworkers.

What level of impact do you feel the results of your project had on the business?

In addition to providing significant savings to the company in my first year, I feel that I have been able to influence and improve the way that my purchasing group interacts with our internal customers. I have used the flexibility that I am granted to work more closely with my business partners and to provide Purchasing support and guidance earlier on in project executions. This allows us to be more efficient and more effective as we try to secure the best value for Procter and Gamble.