Cheryl Hall

Years with the Company: 1

School & Major: The University of Alabama, BS Management Information Systems, MS Operations Management

P&G Pathway: IT ELITE, Internship, then Full-time

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Describe your job:

I work directly with our HR function in a service-oriented role. I ensure that my HR clients have access to the correct people in the GBS organization and provide project management expertise to help with system implementations that affect P&G’s global employee population. I also own some of the systems that are used by P&G employee’s to manage their personal data and career. This ownership entails making sure the system stays in operation and continues to meet end users’ and the business’s needs.

How do you relate your job to being an internal consultant for P&G? 

Because my role is service oriented it is very similar to consulting. I engage on a weekly basis with my HR clients and work on a number of initiatives based on priority. My clients also depend on me to provide my expertise and recommendations whenever questions relating to systems and technology arise.

What advice would you give for somebody thinking about a career in IT function?

Train your mind to think first about the business problem and second about the solution. Sometimes we get passionate and excited about new technology and try to find problems we can solve using it, but this is not the most efficient way to operate.

In your opinion, which three words best describe the working environment at P&G?

Agile, solution-driven, innovative