University-Undergraduate: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Degree/Major/Minor: Degree: Bachelor of Science; Major: Business Administration; Minor: Spanish

University-Advanced Degree: Vanderbilt University - Owen Graduate School of Management

Degree/Major/Minor: Master's of Business Administration

Years with P&G: 1 year

About Me

I grew up North Carolina and have lived in Georgia and Tennessee. I now live in Cincinnati and work at the General Offices with P&G. I love hot weather and playing with my two dogs. I spent three years between my undergraduate and graduate schooling as a management consultant. Over time, I have developed a passion for helping organizations to operate more efficiently and developing people to perform at their best. An HR career at P&G allows me to work directly with business teams and make recommendations for improvement. My business leaders and co-workers value my opinion and rely on my help to solve problems.

Why did you choose P&G over other opportunities?

The people at P&G are top-notch. I love working with P&G employees because they are smart, optimistic, and hard workers.

What has been your favorite or most challenging project you have worked on since joining P&G?

I helped to create a national fitness challenge inspired by our partnership with The Olympics. We utilized images from The Olympics and athletes to inspire employees across the country to improve their health and well-being.

What training and mentorship opportunities have you experienced since starting at P&G?

Over my first year with P&G, I've been working through a core curriculum for development in my HR skills and the business. I've attended various valuable in-person trainings, a business immersion session, and on the job opportunities to learn new skills & processes.

Describe your favorite thing about working at P&G?

P&G constantly seeks better and more innovative ways to succeed in the market. This translates internally to new challenges and constant pressure to think and solve problems. There is no such thing as 'business as usual' and there are always opportunities to explore.

What did you learn about P&G HR after starting your full time career?

The HR processes are very well established across the company. I do not have to re-invent the wheel to work on Talent Development, Performance Management, Team Effectiveness, and other HR topics. There are many best in class examples from different areas in the company that I can reapply to my business problems.

What advice would you give to candidates that are considering joining P&G in the HR function?

Speak up! Every person brings a unique perspective and experiences. Your opinion matters and will enable the business to explore all the options before coming to a decision.