Meet Molly

My name is Molly, and I graduated from Purdue University in May 2009 with a B.S in Accounting and Industrial
Management with an engineering focus. My first opportunity with P&G was the Finance Accounting & Tax Seminar (FACT) held in August 2007. At the end of the FACT week, I was offered an internship for summer 2008 and started full-time June 2009. I have been with P&G for 3 years and am in my third role with the company as the Global Fabric Care Fabric Enhancers and Heavy Duty Liquid Platform cost analyst.

My FACT Experience

I attended the Finance Accounting & Tax Seminar (FACT) in August 2007. Attending FACT, allowed me the opportunity learn more about key roles at P&G directly from the people that do the work as well as what defines success at P&G and how to best prepare for the internship interview at the end of the seminar. Overall, it was a great opportunity to better understand a Fortune 500 company as well as some of the specificities of a P&G career. The week included resume & interview critiquing, new hire panel discussion, interactions with leadership formally and informally, and sessions to learn about the P&G business. For example, my fellow pears and I were graced by the presence of the CFO for a Q&A session and attended a networking event with senior leadership during one evening.

Until attending FACT, I didn’t have experience or an understanding of corporate finance and the seminar not only brought me the understanding but provided me an edge versus my college peers who had not had such interaction with business leadership. Also, it was refreshing to listen to P&G employees who were passionate not only about their career but P&G as a company. This interaction helped me realize P&G is a good fit for me as I looked for a company which provided career variety, community interaction, and employee development both professionally and personally.

My Advice

I have two pieces of advice for all individuals applying for P&G (summer camp, internship, or full-time).
First, take the online application and assessments seriously and answer honestly. It is easy to think of it as a game (How am I expected to answer? How quickly should I answer? Etc) but it is critical to take the time and give the application and assessments the due diligence. The assessments are not only a valuation of the applicant as a fit for P&G but is P&G a fit for the applicant.

Second, do not downplay or write-off certain experiences or college activities. All jobs whether retail/service, previous internship, or organization leadership roles allow the individual to develop skills and provide impact to a resume. If unsure how to position a job or organization leadership role on a resume, reach out to college advisors or student peers