Event Agenda

Our mission is to use voice recognition platforms such as Amazon Alexa (provided by us), to change the way consumers interact with our brands. To achieve this, we’ll use a blend of tools and APIs to create new “skills” or features for devices such as Alexa.

Our Research and Development, Technical and Business experts will share their vision on how voice recognition technology has the potential to re-shape the way we do even the simplest tasks. However, we want you to come up with ideas and innovative ways of using natural language to make this shift happen.

You can expect: places to hack individually and in groups, opportunities to network with P&G IT experts and recruitment leaders, chill-out zones, fun activities, short competitions with prizes, coffees, food, drinks and one or two surprises.


Event date: 24-25 November 2017

Friday 24, 4:30 PM

Registration & welcome. We’ll begin our journey by quickly getting you up to speed with all the tools and technologies available. Of course, you are free to choose your own, as long as you keep it open source.

Friday 24, 6:30 PM

Next, you’ll participate in a design thinking workshop, where you’ll be able to present and hear ideas, discuss user experience, data sources and interface for the chosen voice platform.

Friday 24, 11:00 PM

Build and prototype. Time to put your skills to use.


Saturday 25, 10:00 AM

Finalize your prototype and create a pitch. You’ll present in front of a team of P&G IT and Business experts.

Saturday 25, 04:00 PM

Find out if you are one of the winning teams that will be announced across the whole of Europe by the P&G IT Leadership Team.


The winning teams from Newcastle will receive premium P&G and Amazon products and the chance to be nominated as one of the European Hackathon finalists.

The 10 finalists from across Europe will compete for a chance to present their idea to the Europe IT Leadership Team.


Event Venue

The Hackathon will take place at Campus North, an ideas incubator for start-ups in the North East.

Address: Sunco House, 5 Carliol Square, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6UF, UK

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