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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the competition?

Students in their 3rd year of Bachelor studies (2nd year for Romania) or any year of Master studies with good English knowledge who are residents and live during the “local final” in one of the following countries: Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Fyro Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

How do I apply? Do I apply individually?

You should go to and click “Apply”. You will then choose the country where your university is located. You can only apply to one country and it should be the country where you study.

All participants apply individually and must complete all selection steps prior to the Cluster Final step on an individual basis.

Do I need to know English to participate in the competition?

Yes, as the Online Case Study step will be run in English and during the Cluster Final step your solution must be presented in English as well. Moreover, after the Cluster Final step you can be offered an internship/full-time role which will require at least an Intermediate level of English.

How many steps does the P&G CEO Challenge have?

P&G CEO Challenge 2018 has 5 steps:

STEP 1 – Application & Online Assessment

To register, students should use the official website of CEO Challenge to click “Apply” to start your application process. You would be transferred to the selection portal to complete your application.

When your application is approved, you will be prompted to take the first step of P&G selection process. This is an online assessment which consists of two elements: Peak Performance Assessment and Reasoning Screen. To find out more about our online assessment, please go to the website

If you successfully pass the online assessment, you will be invited to the next step of the selection process – the Online Case Study. If you fail one or both elements of the online assessment, your application will be unsuccessful and you will NOT be able to retake P&G online assessment within one year of the date of the failed assessment.


STEP 2 – Online Case Study

Those candidates who successfully passed the online assessment will be invited to take part in online case study, sponsored by Head&Shoulders, where they will be presented with a case study consisting of three main parts: 1) background information 2) 19 multiple choice questions 3) 1 open question

STEP 3 – Cluster Finals (1st face-to-face stage) – preliminary dates – December 2017-March 2018. For details see

Candidates selected to participate in the Cluster Finals are invited to the central office of the country/geographic cluster they applied to (for details on the Cluster Finals location in your country go to “CALENDAR AND CONTACTS” section of CEO Challenge landing page. There you can also find the planned dates for the finals in your location.

Step 4 – Europe Grand Final (2nd face-to-face stage) – preliminary dates – April 2018. For details see (Terms&Conditions).

Step 5 – Global Grand Final (3rd face-to-face stage) – preliminary dates – May 2018.

Where is the European Final taking place?

The European Final will take place in Rome.

Should I pay for participation and travelling to the cluster finals or for Europe final?

Participation in the competition is free for both the Cluster Finals and Europe Final. Financial part as visa support, flight tickets, meals, transportations and accommodation would be covered from P&G side. International passport and visa obtaining are required as per local laws to participate in both events. Travel and accommodation costs include a 2 way ticket between the home city and host city and accommodation for the duration of the stay in the host city. Accommodation will be provided at a location of P&G’s choosing. Teams (or team members) that wish to stay elsewhere will need to do so at their own expense to get more detailed information, please, refer to the Terms & Condition Document.

P&G will not compensate prize in case one or few team-members will not be able to travel.

Who will be assessing the Online Case Study, the Cluster Finals presentations and Grand Final presentations?

The evaluation of your competition work will be done by the representatives of the major functions – managers of the P&G Company, who based on their experience, will comprehensively analyze the proposed case solutions provided.

For the first two stages and the cluster finals, country leaders of the respective country will be the jury. For the Europe Finals, Europe Top Management will be the jury.

If I am still student but I’m already working in a Fast Moving Consumer Good Company, can I still participate?

Yes, you are still able to participate.

Are the steps of the competition eliminatory?

Yes, each step will be eliminatory.

What if we miss the deadline of the submission date for one of the first 2 stages?

If you miss the deadline of submission for any of the 2 stages you will automatically be rejected and you will not be able to continue the competition.

For how long will the Cluster Challenge take? What about the Europe Finals?

Both the Cluster Challenge and Europe Final will last 1-2 days, between 8-10 hours in each of the days.

What are the event dates of each stage?

You can check the dates of each stage in the calendar section on the website.

What is the prize for Europe Final winners?

Europe Final winners (1 team of 3) will travel to Panama to represent Europe in the Global CEO Challenge Final. There they will participate in capability trainings on different areas of P&G business as well as enjoy some out-of-office activities. Overall duration of the trip will be up to 1 week.

What is the prize for Global Final Winners?

The team who will win the Global Final in Panama City will have the privilege to join the P&G Signal Conference 2018 in Cincinnati.

Can I get an internship at P&G as a result of CEO Challenge Europe?

Yes! One of the goals of the competition for us is to select some of the best students in Europe to take part in our internship program or be offered a full-time role at P&G. You will be asked to specify your department of interest during the application phase, so, read about those beforehand on Assessment during the competition will allow us to make a decision regarding each participant and offer some of you an internship/full-time role in your department of interest as a result. Please note, that NOT all Cluster Finals and even Grand Final participants will be offered an internship/full-time role because we will be considering all assessment criteria (e.g. interviews during and after the events). However, if you perform well during the online stages and during the face-to-face events, it will definitely be taken into account when making the final decision.

If I fail one of the assessment steps, can I still apply to P&G positions?

If you fail P&G Online Assessment, Reasoning Test or one of the interviews during the competition, you will not be able to retake these steps within 12 month of the date of assessment. Your result in the Online Case Study, however, will only be considered during the CEO Challenge Europe and will not have any effect on your future applications to P&G.

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