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What do you want your first day to be like?

At P&G our employees have meaningful work from their first day. Check out our new video series that shines a light on our incredible employees and their stories.

Janelle, Brand Management

“There are still days when I wake up and pinch myself.” Janelle didn't fetch coffee at P&G, she worked with massive brands from day one.

Video /media/734531/janelle.jpg Janelle's Day 1
Video /media/734532/egle.jpg Egle's Day 1

Egle, R&D

Many feel isolated at work, like no one cares and they can't ask for help. Egle learned from day one that P&G was different. “Even though you have the responsibility to do things right, you still have people helping you through this process until you can really run alone.”

Risham, Product Supply

From day one, Risham learned that P&G was different from other companies. Employees don't waste their potential doing seemingly pointless tasks. Your job matters. “I have never felt, not even one single day, that the work I was doing was not leading to something important.”

Video /media/734529/risham.jpg Risham's Day 1
Video /media/734530/yurina.jpg Yurina's Day 1

Yurina, Brand Management

Many people feel like the work they do doesn't matter. Like their job is a waste of their potential. Yurina learned from day one that P&G was different. She was empowered to do more. “I realized that the projects I was working on could significantly affect the world."

Aston, Product Supply

Your job should be exciting, and push you out of your comfort zone. Aston got this at P&G from day one. "My first day at P&G, I had to manage a night shift at a distribution center, and oversee nearly 400,000 products coming in and out."

Video /media/734525/aston.jpg Aston's Day 1
Video /media/734527/concetta.jpg Concetta's Day 1

Concetta, Sales

Go to school, get a good job. Generations were raised on this mantra, but it’s a fairy tale to a lot of millennials. The struggle is real, but not for Concetta, who chose P&G and was empowered from day one. “Right out of college you really have a lot of ownership at P&G.”

Chris, Sales

Even as an eight-year-old, Chris knew that sales was a part of who she was. At P&G, right from the start, she turned her passion for sales into something meaningful. “As an intern, I was responsible for launching a product and defining all the sales strategies. Today, I’m the sales team leader for Bahia State. I believe the sky’s the limit here.”

Video /media/734539/day1_chris_video_image.png Chris' Day 1